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The Future of Work

Automation, instantaneous access to information and globalization are rapidly changing the landscape of work.   Given the exponential rate at which information is doubling,  simply learning information from text books or focused practice to pass standardized tests will no longer equip children to adapt through the coming changes.

The future of work is predicted to be impacted as follows:

  • Job loss or displacement by automation
  • Job transformation to utilize technology – man/machine combination
  • Increase in high-skill jobs that support automation and technology industries
  • New (as yet to be created) industries – predicted to be highly reliant on technology
  • Micro- entrepreneurs

See the McKinsey Global Institute Report and World Economic Form Report for more information on the future of work.

As you notice, technology and rapid change are the theme.  Some of us in the workforce today are already feeling the effects of the leading edge of this wave.  It is a given that reading, writing and arithmetic are foundation skills (which are still lagging in the US compared to global industrialized nations standards). We are confident that in additional to that, the ability to deeply understand technology will be a skill that is critical to success, along with the ability to continually generate new ideas, learn and deliver solutions to problems.  Our curriculum is focused on giving children a solid footing to start on this path to become lifelong learners, innovators and inventors.

The Future of Learning

As innovative educators see the advancing changes in the future of work, they are also changing the way students are taught.  Classrooms are being turned into innovation labs and the focus is changing to create life long learners through project-based work that has emotional connections to each student.   We are taking some of these principles that have quickly shown great results and applied it to our curriculum.

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

We will continue refining our teaching methodology as new research and results come in from education innovators.