Dear Parent/Guardian:

When your child attends StairWay5, your child’s image/photograph and work may be used in one or more of the following ways:

  • Used to create a student’s individual Digital Portfolio.
  • Used to demonstrate and record student group projects
  • Used as a demonstration project/activity at conferences and events
  • Posted on StairWay5 and it’s affiliated web sites on the Internet
  • Posted on StairWay5 and it’s affiliated social media sites on the Internet (for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Submitted as samples to program publishers or as contest entries to sponsors
  • Appear on video made during a student presentation of their project, or in broadcasts
  • Appear on video in a StairWay5 related program to be used by a television stations
  • Used in a printed and on-line publications such as newspapers or magazines
  • Your child’s first name and first initial of the last name may accompany the photo or video.

There is no monetary compensation for the use of the work.

Please see below for more details on student Digital Portfolios:

  • Digital Portfolios will be uploaded to this public website:
  • If authorized, the student will be listed by first name and last name first initial – see this page for example: student portfolio home
  • As part of Programming I, each student will learn to create their own home page and then add coding projects, robotics projects and other content that extend from their home page.  See Ben D. for examples
  • Students who are not enrolled in or have completed Programming I, may have their Robotics projects documented by a teammate or the instructor
  • If not authorized, students will be provided USB memory sticks to save their Programming work

Please fill out and sign the consent form below by typing in your full name and pressing Submit. Your permission grants us approval to publicize without prior notification and remains in effect until revoked in writing.