Math Tutoring & Enrichment. 

We want to encourage students to LOVE Math and experience and explore it in the context of real applications as one of the foundations of a technology education. Our tutors, who include Univ of Iowa Math/Applied Math PhD and Undergraduate students, will ensure during 1×1 sessions that students are mastering math concepts based on school standards, and then also spend time in small groups exploring and applying math to all kinds of fascinating topics including robotics, engineering, music, computer programming, biology and many, many other fields of interest.

Don’t Fear Math!

Get inspired!  Listen to this great podcast: TED Radio Hour – Don’t fear math (March 2019) with Dan Finkel (Math4Love), Masha Gershmann (Russian School of Mathematics),  Eddie Woo and others..

Private Math Tutoring:  One-on-one session with one of our Math tutors to meet student-specific goals in Math.  We have Spectrum and Singapore Math workbooks or students can provide their own school or home Math workbooks.

Applied Math – Each small group (2-3) students will be assigned a tutor. Each session will include tutoring to focus on student-specific math gaps and goals, supervised student practice and then logic puzzles, games and activities that use Applied Math to develop computational, analytical and algorithmic thinking.

Scholastic Chess

This new course starts in Spring 2020 and is presented by National Master of Chess, James Neal of Iowa City.  James has been teaching chess privately in Iowa City for the past 10 years. This course focuses on the critical thinking aspect of chess. The goal for this class is to break down tactical themes and find solutions based on a systematic approach. It is not required that students have a background or experience in chess to take this course.

ChessKnightBlueDuring each session we will break down a theme and students will have time to work on solving chess problems associated with that theme. Students will work on key puzzles from the problem and record progress in student web portfolios.  James will review a game each session with the students to give them a practical idea of how these tactics may arise in their own games. Also, key positions will be provided for each of the students to spar among the group to test their tactical prowess and record their oversights.

Expect students to walk away with advanced tactical skills and a deeper understanding of chess. Most importantly, they would have greatly improved their critical thinking skills by regularly solving problems in an enjoyable atmosphere.