Electronics I : Age: 9+

This course provides a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of electronics.  Students will learn about the basic components that make up and control electronic circuits.  Students will learn how to create Circuit Diagrams using standard circuit symbols and then create and test their circuits using SNAP Circuits (no soldering required!).  Each diagram and circuit will be added to Student Digital Portfolios with descriptions. Each SNAP Circuit model and it’s components will be discussed and documented.  Students will predict the outcomes of changes to their circuits based on each lesson and put them to the test. Concepts covered and practiced with projects include:

  • Flow of electricity through circuits – Series and Parallel circuits
  • Conductors, Resistors
  • Ohms Law (Voltage, Current and Resistance) and Power
  • Electronics Diagrams and Symbols
  • Integrated Circuits/Chips

Next level Electronics course will be offered in Spring or Summer 2020.