Problem Solving

Problem Solving

StairWay5 problem solving courses teach children how to use Math and Chess concepts to become more strategic and efficient thinkers.

Applied Math

Math is the foundation of a good STEM education and at StairWay5, we want kids to LOVE math. Our tutors are math and applied mathematics graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Iowa, and they work with children in small groups of 2-3 to master concepts and then practice them with puzzles and games. Students develop computational, analytical and algorithmic thinking.

Scholastic Chess

Students learn to play chess and think strategically in StairWay5 classes, which are taught by Iowa City Chess Master, James Neal. James breaks down and explains classic chess moves and tactics, so students learn how to use the same tactics to improve their chess game and their own problem-solving. Students play against their classmates and record their wins and losses. This course stresses the acquisition of analytical thinking – a skill that is critical to success in the STEM world.