Digital Media

Digital Media Courses

StairWay5 Digital Media curriculum offers exciting opportunities to discover graphic art, digital design and movie production!

Introductory Courses

Digital Media I – Graphic Art and Design

  • Learn the fundamentals of design thinking
  • Use image manipulation software to create 2D and 3D images
  • Become a visual storyteller
  • Create and edit designs that will go into your Digital Web Portfolio

Digital Media I – Movie Production and Editing

  • Learn the fundamentals of videography and video production
  • Work individually or as a group to explore different roles in video production
  • Record audio and video, and learn to use editing software
  • Create and edit videos for your personal Digital Web Portfolio

Intermediate Courses

Digital Media II –  Animated Storytelling

  • Use Adobe Cloud suite to create animated characters
  • Continue to develop your 2D and 3D design skills as you take ono bigger projects
  • Learn how to integrate different software to create animation assets
  • Create animated shorts which will be added to your Digital Web Portfolio

Digital Media II –  Graphic Design for Marketing

  • Learn about designing for print, web, and other multimedia communication
  • Advance your understanding of visual storytelling
  • Learn advanced design techniques available through the professional Adobe Cloud suite
  • Collect your masterpieces in your Digital Web Portfolio

Digital Media II –  CAD and 3D Printing

  • Learn the fundamentals of 3D design
  • Test different 3D modeling software
  • Experience 3D printing and use different techniques and materials
  • Add all of your 3D models to your Digital Web Portfolio

Digital Media II –  Movie Production and Editing

  • Develop larger-scale projects and work as a team to execute them
  • Discover special effects and advanced editing techniques
  • Learn to integrate different software and assets to create a more complex project
  • Develop a script and storyboard, and produce and edit a short film for your Digital Web Portfolio

Advanced Courses

Digital Media III – Video Game Design

Prerequisites: CAD and 3D Printing, Animated Storytelling OR Intermediate Movie Production and Editing, Programming I (Web/HTML/CSS)

  • Develop and script an idea for a short video game
  • Learn how to use 2D and/or 3D game development software
  • Create an interactive story to add to your Digital Web Portfolio

Digital Media III – Product Design

Prerequisites: Intermediate Graphic Art and Design and/or CAD and 3D Printing

  • Develop a product to create and market to a specific audience
  • Research potential audiences, similar products, and marketing techniques
  • Learn about the process of developing products, the basics of manufacturing, and fundamental marketing techniques
  • Create a brand, logo, and web page for your product and keep it in your Digital Web Portfolio

Digital Media IV – Applied Digital Media (Real World Service Project)

Prerequisites: Intermediate Graphic Art and Design, 1 additional Intermediate or Advanced Course, Programming I (Web/HTML/CSS)

  • Students will meet with a local organization and develop a service project
  • Students will receive professional feedback, as well as see how their graphic design skills can be applied in the real world
  • Work as a team to create and execute a service project, such as a fundraiser or educational video