Makers Lab I

Makers Lab provides additional time and space for students who are currently enrolled in or have completed Programming I and/or Robotics I to continue to expand on their projects or design and build new projects.  Students will be provided access to computers and robotics kits and can choose to work individually or set up teams and collaborate with others for their projects.  Students are encouraged to work independently and practice their technical and core skills.  Instructors will provide guidance and mentoring as needed to ensure students meet the objectives they have set for themselves.  Projects completed during the Lab can also be be added to each student’s Digital Portfolio.

  • Courses will be offered starting in Fall 2018.
  • $50 Registration Fee includes 3 Lab sessions.
  • Additional sessions are $15 each.
  • Reservations are required and each Lab session will be limited to 15 students
Engineering I-II

Engineering design courses require completion of all levels of programming and robotics. These are advanced level courses for students that have a strong mastery of all programming and robotics courses. Students will learn parts fabrication and building a functional robot to solve problems they have identified, under the mentorship of an Engineer.

These courses will be offered starting in 2019.