5 Core Skills in our mission go hand in hand with a rigorous technical education to prepare your child for the near future

  1. Problem Identification– this is the launch pad for innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. The proven approach of engaging students to identify problems that are meaningful to them and turn them into opportunities for change is the key to success.
  2. Learning to Learn– children abound in curiosity and have an inherent passion to learn about topics to which they have an emotional connection. Our curriculum provides a set of tools and methods for students to learn about topics they can invest in.
  3. Critical Thinking– in the process of learning about a problem, the innovator must ask the analytical and relevant questions to identify solutions. Repeated practice and learning from failures is vital. We coach and provide a stress-free, collaborative, hands-on, exploratory environment to develop this skill.
  4. Solution Design– innovators must provide detailed designs for their proposed solutions and evaluate feasibility. The process of refinement through iterations will be practiced.
  5. Project Management– the successful delivery of a solution design is based on a sound project plan and it’s execution. Core principles such as schedule, budget and resource management will be practiced.