Currently no one else in the Iowa City area provides the type of deep curriculum and high standards for outcomes that StairWay5 provides.

There are a few introductory STEM programs and camps at various locations across the area that introduce younger students to programming (generally block programming via applications like Scratch tied to games such as Minecraft) and Robotics (putting together pre-selected Lego models).

Below is a general summary comparison of another available program in the Iowa City area and one of the leading providers of STEM technology education in larger urban cities. This information is based on public information available and we encourage parents to review the details.

Category StairWay5 U of I Pre-Eng Camps ID Tech Camps
Tuition per course $750-$800 $225-$335 $850-$1300
Total work hours per course 30 15 30-35
Locations Iowa City area Iowa City area None in Iowa.
Year-round courses Yes – Fall, Spring, Summer No – Summer and Spring Break No – Summer only
Staff to Student Ratio 8 to 1 ~16 to 2 8 to 1 (note: combines multiple classes in 1 room)
Instructors Industry and/or academic expertise in area of instruction College students College students
Programming Curriculum Broad, Industry Standard – see details No Limited – see recent Yelp reviews
Robotics Curriculum Broad – see details Limited – see details Limited – see recent Yelp reviews
Engineering / Design Curriculum Yes – see details Limited Age 16-18
Teaching Style Project Based Learning, Student Agency Pre-defined projects Pre-defined, games-focused
Future Skills Focus Extensive No No