Computer Science

We use technology more and more every day as we go about our lives –  our cell phones, TVs, cars, appliances, banks, businesses.  Imagine all apps and data that control and live in these devices and services.  Software (app and data) and computer (hardware) engineers have created all this amazing technology around us and now our kids can hardly image a life without it. Countless manual jobs are being replaced and this trend will continue, while the need for technologists is not being met even now.  It’s time to get our kids ready for their future!

StairWay5 computer science courses ensure students understand how computers work as well as how to code in multiple programming languages.  Every student designs and builds their own Digital Web Portfolio – something they can take with them and set them apart as they make their journey into their amazing futures.

Here’s our line up of courses that step them up from beginning to full-blown developer:

Programming 1 – Web Development with HTML, CSS 

  • Build a digital web portfolio
  • Learn about binary information flow, internet and website architecture and elements – how web pages, servers, routers and browsers function.
  • Learn HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) using the industry standard Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Design, plan, implement and present multiple web page projects that increase in complexity.

Programming 2 – Web Development with  JavaScript

  • JavaScript is one of the most common languages used to create interactive web content
  • Design and build more complex, interactive Web applications utilizing JavaScript.  These include interactive websites and simple game development.
  • Learn fundamental code concepts such as inputs, variables, data processing and functions as well as debugging and testing code
  • Learn more advanced software application design, algorithm development, coding principles and tools will be practiced through individual projects.

Programming 3 – Intro to Databases/SQL

  • Data is the new Oil – As more and more data is gathered by technology all around us, data analysis and engineering is now one of the most lucrative technology careers and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
  • Introduction to the highly integral skill of organizing managing, storing and querying data using a relational database.
  • More advanced coding concepts and algorithms will be covered along with software development life cycles principles of requirements, design, coding, testing and deployment.
  • Introduction to Cloud software Amazon Web Services (AWS) is included.
  • This course adds the next step to becoming a full stack developer and also the basis for more advanced programming projects and courses such as machine language (AI).

Programming Open Labs

Practice, practice, practice – Programming like any other complex skill such learning to play a sport or musical instrument requires guided, consistent practice to achieve mastery.

Programming open labs are specifically designed to provide students projects to continue to develop coding skills and algorithm development. Students are encouraged to work independently and practice their technical and core skills.

Instructors will provide guidance and mentoring as needed to ensure students meet the objectives they have set for themselves. Projects completed during the Lab will be added to each student’s Digital Portfolio.

Programming Certification Prep & Test – HTML

Extensive review and practice of HTML5 coding concepts, theory and usage in preparation for the HTML5 certification test.  Students will need to sign up with and pay testing fees separate from course fees.  Following successful completion of the certification – Digital certificates can be added to student digital portfolios.