Coding, Robotics and Technology Education for Ages 8+

Invest in your child’s technology education and enrichment today to set them on a path to excel in the ever accelerating technical, automated world of their future.


  • Transforms students into creators of technology, not just consumers.  Every student builds a Digital Portfolio
  • Comparable costs and commitment to other enrichment programs like music / sports
  • Small class sizes, project-based curriculum, industry-experienced instructors and high quality equipment
  • Focus on 5 core skills vital for success: Problem Identification, Learning to Learn, Critical Thinking, Solutions Design and Project Management
  • Courses for high-demand skills such as Mobile App development and AI offered after core curriculum completion

Register now for 2019 Winter Break Robotics Labs and notification for Spring 2019 Coding and Robotics courses.

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2019 Coding and Robotics Classes for Ages 8+

1. Winter Break 2019 (January 2nd, 3rd, 4th) Registration is Open

Are you looking to get the kids out of the house this winter break for some fun, hands-on, educational activities after New Year and before school starts? 

Lego and VEX Robotics Open Labs for Ages 8-14

Vex RobotStudents build Lego or VEX robots of their choice individually or in groups.  They will be encouraged to create challenges (like obstacle courses and battles) to add sensors and program their robots to meet those challenges.

  • Morning sessions from 9am-11:30am    WeDo1
  • Afternoon sessions from 1:30pm-4pm
  • Each session is limited to 8 students
  • Pick any day(s) or time(s) – $35 / session – Register here

For all day options, Iowa GymNest Coralville offers No-School-No-Worries Camps next door at 2550 Holiday Rd.   Please select the morning Robotics lab and contact Sandy at 319-341-2229 to register for the remainder of the day from 11:30am up to 4pm.

2. Spring 2019 Pre-Registration Survey

Spring 2019 classes start January 13th and run through May 20th.  Robotics and Coding

In order to better serve your child’s scheduling needs, please fill out this survey to indicate which days and times work best and whether you are interested in joining a car pool.

The Spring 2019 schedule of classes will be based on the survey results to maximize day/time requests for each class.  You will be notified when class schedules and registration will are made available in November.

  • Course fees range from $20-$25 per hour
  • Classes are once a week and sessions range in total from 16-28 hours based on the curriculum
  • Each class is limited to 6 students.

Technology Education Curriculum Highlights below:
Coding for 5th-10th Grade Student

Grades 5-10: Web Development I (WEB01) Take a bold step into the world of programming. Build critical coding knowledge that will serve as the technical base for further programming languages. Create a Digital Portfolio. Learn and practice:

  • Information flow, Internet and website architecture and elements – how web pages, servers and browsers function.
  • HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript within the industry standard Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Design, plan, implement and present multiple web page projects that increase in complexity.
  • Code concepts such as inputs, variables, data processing and functions as well as debugging and testing code

Follow this link for additional course details. Students will be provided space to begin their Digital Portfolios to showcase their projects.NEXT LEVEL: Students in Web Development II (WEB02) will launch into building more complex Web applications utilizing JavaScript.  These include highly interactive websites and game development.  More advanced software application design, algorithm development, coding principles and tools will be practiced through individual projects.

Building a RobotGrades 5-10: Robotics I (RBT01) Delve into the world of robots and learn to make them function to accomplish desired results. This class covers multiple plan, design and build projects to gain a basic understanding of robotics through the following:

  • Mechanisms that push, pull and lift – using wheels/axles, inclined planes, wedges, lever, pulleys and screws.
  • Machines with motorized movement – motors, gears, drive-trains. Understand speed and torque.
  • Machines that use plows, scoops and friction grabbers for object manipulation mechanisms.
  • Articulation such as rotating joints and linkages.
  • Programming the robot’s computer for processing inputs and performing tasks through simple visual programming
  • Sensors to detect inputs such as light, color, objects and motion

Variations from design intent, issues encountered, and lessons learned will follow each project to instill the 5 core skills.  Follow this link for additional course details. Students who have completed Programming I can add their Robotics projects to their Digital Portfolios.NEXT LEVEL: Students in Robotics II (RBT02) will build more complex robots and graduate from graphical interface programming to ROBOTC, a powerful C-based programming language which is a cross-platform solution that is used in advanced courses and professional applications. Programming I is a prerequisite.

Makers Lab I   Makers Lab provides additional space and time for students who are currently enrolled in or have completed Programming I and/or Robotics I to continue to expand on their projects or design and build new projects.  Students will be provided access to computers, robotics kits and other materials like Arduino processor boards. They can choose to work individually or set up teams and collaborate with others for their projects.  Students are encouraged to work independently and practice their technical skills and 5 core skills.  Instructors will provide guidance and mentoring as needed to ensure students meet the objectives they have set for themselves.  Projects completed during the Lab can also be be added to each student’s Digital Portfolio.

  • $160 Registration Fee includes 8 Lab sessions.
  • Scheduling is flexible